Friday, September 26, 2008

This is my entry into the next round of the Bad Girls kits Top designer School which I am pleased to say that I am still in..This is a photo of my niece and her new baby brother Jack.He is only a few hours old in this photo.Alyssa just Adored him at first sight,and she still does adore him 18mths on....They share a very special Bond..


Hetty Hall said...

This is sooooo pretty, love that background paper and the touches of yellow, just beautiful.
Hugs xx

Nicole said...

Looks fantastic Jules, that background paper is just perfect.

went over with Char and was two weeks early with Zac, so who knows. Was told that they both would be over 8lb though, Zac would of been if he baked a little longer. LOL. I know that this one is going to be big, Just soooooo full compared to the way I was with the others.

As for my guesses, I have no idea, I've swung between boy/girl all through out this pregnancy, and date hopefully sometime in this next week, LOL, and for size I'm saying over 9lb. heheheheheh, not much to go on hey

Best go