Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Made the Shortlist

Yes I made the shortlist in this years Scrapbooking Memories Master's I am sooooo EXCITED...Here is the list of 67 very talented scrappers..I wonder who will be the 10 Master's this year.
Agnus Kasprzak
Alicia Barry
Angella Peardon
Angie Naumowicz
Belinda Spencer
Bernie Dodd
Beth Jarrett
Candice Myers
Cass Glass
Catherine Pineda
Cheree Wheare
Christine Rumley
Cindy Bishop
Cindy Roberts
Deb Godley
Debbie Johnston
Ebony Van Der Starre
Emma Allen
Emma Viney
Fran Tynan
Georgia Keays
Geraldine Pasinati
Hetty Hall

Jane Tregenza
Jenni Parsons
Jodi Dolbel
Julie Hill
Karen Watson
Kathleen Glossop
Kellie Lusted
Kerryn Lawson
Kerryn Leworthy
Kim Arnold
Krissy Christie
Kylie Fraser
Kylie Shotton
Lauren Boase
Leanne Stamatellos
Leeann Pearce
Louise Nelson
Manon Kier
Marianne Berry
Mel Connell
Melanie Forbes
Michelle Winston
Monica Brady

Nerrida Mitchell
Nicole Aspinal
Pip Prosser
Rochelle La’Brooy-McIver
Rhonda Harvey
Robyn Bell
Sarah Gladman
Sharon Thomson
Shelley George
Skye Johnson
Sonia Barnett
Sonia Thomason
Sue Campbell
Susan Longman
Tammy Milborn
Tania Ballestrin
Tanya Tahir
Tatum Woodroffe
Tiff Sawyer
Wendy Bennett
Wendy Smith


Scrapsister said...

Congratulations on making the list! Let's hope time flies by fast!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you Jules, WTG, those gorgeous clay embellies must have held together for you in the post thank God!!! No need to reply to your email now as is I see you already have the news hehe xx.

Hetty Hall said...

Congrats to you too Jules, you so deserve it!!

STAMPMOM9 said...

Congrats!!! (I don't know about the list but I am sooooo PROUD of YOU) Congrats!! WTG!! Dawn Gallop

STAMPMOM9 said...

Julie, just stopped by to say Hi again and to thank you for all your kind words in my comments, it truly meant so much to me!!!!!!!!! Can't thank you enough!!!!! Hugs, Dawn Gallop

Trudi said...

CONGRATULATIONS to a hugely talented lady
WELL DONE on making the short list - so totally stoked for you